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Who is MC2?

​​From the time he received his first new bicycle at the age of 5, to watching the drama of the 1989 Tour de France unfold, to starting his first cycling company, Philip Martindale has been fascinated with bicycles.  

​Having spent the past 17+ years working in the bicycle industry, Philip has managed several bicycle shops, worked for a leading bicycle manufacturer in both product development and sales, and built bicycle wheels exclusively for 4 years under a previously licensed brand.  

Philip has also raced competitively for many years as a USA Cycling Category 2 and was a member of Team USA at an ITU World Championship.  

MC2 represents the culmination of Philip's work and racing experiences with the goal of delivering premium performance cycling components with exceptional value.

Bill Martindale has spent 50+ years making things go faster and work more efficiently.  Bill spent the 60s, 70s, and much of the 80s testing rockets and other aircraft at AEDC's supersonic wind tunnel in Tullahoma, Tennessee.  

When the Cold War ended, Bill transferred this expertise to the commercial industry.  He has spent much of the past 30 years designing numerous test facilities used in both the commercial aviation and automotive fields, as well as competitive motor sports (F1 & NASCAR).  

As MC2's Technical Consultant, Bill personally examines and tests the scientific properties of our products to ensure that the components selected to be included in our offerings are among the finest and fastest available.